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Regulatory Services

The healthcare industry, particularly long term care and hospice, are facing increased scrutiny from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other governmental agencies.  Complying with audit and survey requests can place demands on already stretched human and financial resources.  Excelas is working to support the regulatory audit and survey process with a variety of services geared toward ensuring an expedient and complete response to the challenges at hand.


Assistance with Internal Audits

When you want to determine how well your facility is complying with regulatory standards, an internal audit may be in order. Excelas can objectively review a sample of your records­—no matter how big or small—to assess the criteria you specify. We can provide a brief summary, or simply pull out data points for your review.


Record Release Services

When you need to release dozens of records under a tight deadline, your first instinct may be to gather and send the records as quickly as possible.  While it’s true that deadlines are tight, releasing disorganized, incomplete or inaccurate medical records can shed a negative light on the facility and disrupt the efficient evaluation of records by auditors.  Save your team the stress of evaluating records by using Excelas’ record release services.  We will organize the medical record, assess its completeness and notify you of any missing record types or gaps in documentation, and ensure all pages of the record belong to the correct person.  Within a matter of days, you can be sure that the records you release are orderly, complete and free of any “wrong patient” records.


Data Abstraction to Expedite Expert Review

If you face regulatory allegations, perhaps an expert review is in order to respond to an audit or survey finding.  Expert reviews can be costly, but Excelas can help you keep these costs under control and minimize the time expert reviews can take.  Our medical analysts perform high-level data abstraction on the documents in question.  Provide your experts with an organized electronic record and data points already extracted for their review.  Each data point is hyperlinked to the page of the record where the pertinent information was found. Your experts can spend their time efficiently assessing the medical situation and developing their opinion, instead of sorting through extraneous information and shuffling through hundreds or thousands of pages of records.


Summary Reports for the Defense Team

When a government review ends in allegations, the defense team will need to know the particulars of each patient’s situation to form their response.  Excelas can review the records in question, pull out critical information for each patient/resident and provide unbiased summary reports outlining the care and assessments that were provided.  

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