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We are a national provider of medical record analysis and related services that help healthcare providers effectively respond to claims and litigation.  Specializing in long-term care, medical professional liability and regulatory matters, we help our clients integrate complex medical information with defense strategy to efficiently settle and win cases.   

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The benefits of working with Excelas are simple but compelling: Reduced costs, increased efficiency, and superior medical insight to support your defense strategy.   Our expertise and innovative technical tools work together to streamline early case preparation, so your claims and litigation can move toward resolution sooner.  

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At Excelas, there is no “standard” solution. Our work products are customized to meet the specific requirements of each case, meaning you get precisely what you need, every time. Our ultimate goal: to make the claims and litigation management process smooth and efficient for our clients.


Flexibility to Meet Client Needs

From claims and litigation to regulatory projects: If your challenge involves medical records and the information they contain, Excelas has a solution that's a perfect fit.

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Preparing for Government Audits: Hospice Services

In the healthcare industry, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) maintains a consistent vigilance over providers and their utilization, billing, and claims practices to ensure that the services they pay for are appropriate and in compliance. This vigilance extends to providers within the entire long-term and post-acute care continuum—including hospice services.

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Case Studies:

Hospital Finds Peace of Mind with Excelas’ Coding Verification Audits

Performing proactive internal audits of processes and procedures is an excellent way to ensure compliance with corporate or regulatory standards. But sometimes, it’s not until an external audit returns unexpected results that an inward examination begins.

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Cloning in EHR can lead to fraud, patient harm
  Documentation integrity is critical for avoiding fraudulent billing, HIPAA violations, claim denials, audits and compliance ...

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