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Case Studies

9/16 2016

Hospital Finds Peace of Mind with Excelas’ Coding Verification Audits
Performing proactive internal audits of processes and procedures is an excellent way to ensure compliance with corporate or regulatory standards. But sometimes, it’s not until an external audit returns unexpected results that an inward examination begins.

7/29 2014

How to Evaluate the Use of General Inpatient Care
General inpatient care (GIP) is the second most expensive level of hospice care. GIP, which provides 24/7 nursing care, is intended for short-term use to manage pain and symptoms when palliation cannot be achieved in other settings.

4/11 2013

Securing a Nursing Home’s Reputation in the Face of Lawsuit Onslaught
Just like thousands of skilled nursing providers in the United States, a nursing home in the Midwest had worked hard every day to provide dignified care that serves the needs and enhances the quality of life of its residents.

4/11 2013

How to Successfully Defend Against Multiple, Changing Allegations
A busy law firm in Florida spent months prepping a case for trial. The allegations that their client, a nursing home, faced were clear. A defense was prepared and documentation was gathered to support their position. But, like so many things in life, their best-laid plans went awry—a few times.

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