Working with people who understand you and share your high standards is the perfect recipe for success. Explore the expertise that sets us apart from the competition! We know you’ll be impressed.

Medical professional working

Excelas clients are passionate and exacting, striving to positively impact how healthcare is delivered. As industry leaders, they are meticulous, cost-conscious, and they demand the highest quality.  

They are professionals who seek other professionals to augment their staff with great skill, precision, integrity and capability.

This is why our greatest strength—our staff—is a strategic advantage for our clients. Every member of our exceptionally qualified staff was recruited, in part, because they share these traits.



Meet our leadership team. Our leadership team takes great pride in continually growing and adapting our services, work products, and staff  to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.  And that’s no small feat!


Client Service

Building relationships with our clients is important to us.  It’s not just about producing good work products; it’s about establishing a  professional partnership, building trust, and working together to support your mission of caring. We work hard to get to know you, to  understand your challenges, and to anticipate and answer all your needs.

health information

Health Information Specialists

Our health information specialists take great care to organize your records and identify any gaps in documentation. 


Medical Legal Analysts

Excelas’ Nurse Reviewers are among the most highly qualified analysts in the industry.  We believe that no other company offers as much combined experience—in both clinical nursing and medical analysis—as Excelas.

medical review

Quality Review Specialists  

Excelas’ Quality Review Specialists provide a final check of our work products before we deliver them to you.  Our team has a diverse  background of experience and education that spans a variety of fields.

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