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Founded in 2005, Excelas is a national provider of medical record analysis and related services that help healthcare providers effectively respond to claims and litigation.  Specializing in long-term care, medical professional liability and regulatory matters, our team of medical professionals helps our clients integrate complex medical information with defense strategy to efficiently settle and win cases.  When your success lies in a focused defense based on an unbiased, comprehensive, and detailed review of the medical record, Excelas is a perfect solution.  

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The benefits of working with Excelas are simple but compelling: Reduced costs, increased efficiency, and superior medical insight to support your defense strategy.   Our expertise and innovative technical tools work together to streamline early case preparation, so your claims and litigation can move toward resolution sooner.  

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Excelas specializes in discovering the clinical facts contained in medical records and translating them into meaningful and concise reports that support claims, settlement, or litigation strategies.  Work products are customized to meet the specific requirements of each case.  Among the services offered by Excelas are medical record retrieval, medical record organization, early case assessment, medical analysis and case summary, detailed medical chronologies, provider of care reports, care calendars/touch charts, and services to support an efficient response to regulatory matters.  



Flexibility to Meet Client Needs

From claims and litigation to regulatory projects: If your challenge involves medical records and the information they contain, Excelas has a solution that's a perfect fit.

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Preparing for CMS Audits: Therapies

In long term care settings, physical, occupational and speech therapies are a way of life. They are also a primary focus area for CMS auditors. Learn what you can do to prepare for therapy audits, and how Excelas can help!

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Case Studies:

How to Evaluate the Use of General Inpatient Care

GIP is an active focus area for regulatory auditors. Many hospice providers are proactively using internal audit to assess how appropriately GIP is being used and documented in their facilities. Excelas can help you efficiently and objectively perform your audits, providing the insight you need to be confident in your billings.

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A Business Associate's Compliancy Journey: Business Associate Agreements
  Excelas is a small business. As such, we sometimes face challenges in our journey toward HIPAA ...

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