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Zaxas®, our proprietary software and web application, was designed with your needs in mind. The software was originally developed in direct collaboration with clients—we listened to what you wanted and needed to increase your efficiency, and then we delivered it. Since then, we’ve continued our conversation with our clients, and your input is steering Zaxas’ ongoing evolution.

Man touching Technology


Zaxas was developed to increase the efficiency of our medical analysis and the efficiency of your case preparation.  When we receive your records, Excelas organizes, scans and indexes documents by record type. After we upload your records, Zaxas provides access to your well-organized medical records, which you can then view and sort by record type, care provider or facility. Your records are available any time, from any location with internet access, in whatever order you need them—all at the click of a mouse.

Zaxas is also your portal to access the reports we produce during medical analysis—and here’s where Zaxas really makes an impact. Every piece of medical information in your reports is cross-referenced with the medical record. Click on the hyper linked Bates numbers in the report to immediately see the page of the medical record where the information is contained. No more shuffling through paper reports to find the original documentation. Now that’s efficiency!

You can access case materials online for remote viewing and download, or you can receive your materials on CD for local viewing and download. Both methods are safe, secure, and exactly what you need to boost your efficiency.


The beauty of Zaxas is its simplicity.  Users love it because it’s incredibly intuitive, featuring a clear layout, easy navigation and straightforward tools. No advanced computer know-how is necessary to take advantage of the efficiencies Zaxas offers.  The first time you receive records and reports from Excelas, you’ll receive access to the Zaxas software.  To get you started, our client service team can provide a quick orientation, and within moments you’ll be ready to begin reviewing your case materials. So simple, yet so amazing!

Zaxas’ functionality and efficiency will impress you. And here a few more benefits you may not have considered.

  • Secure Access. Zaxas is a secure way to access your records and reports online.Your records and reports are password protected, and all data is encrypted. Our client portal provides easy access from any location with an internet connection, while maintaining the highest levels of protection from unauthorized use.
  •  Coordination. Clients benefit from heightened coordination with Zaxas. Because it is a web-based application, you and your team can access and view records and reports simultaneously, from multiple locations—ideal for meetings with remote staff, or for reference during interviews, depositions or trials. Zaxas’ functionality gives you 24/7 access to your records, whether from the office, on the road, or in the courtroom.     
  • Safety.  Storing your records and reports in Zaxas means you also have the peace of mind that everything you need is safe from fire, flood or other disasters. Our servers sit in a safe, secure environment and all data are further protected by our emergency backup policies—so your information will always be accessible to you, whenever you need it.  
  • Space-saving.  Getting hundreds or thousands of pages of medical records into electronic format is not only time consuming, it’s also a strain on your internal technological resources. With Zaxas, your records are scanned and stored to our system, not yours. If you continue to use Zaxas to access your scanned records (either on the web or locally on CD), you’ll save significant storage space on your own servers.  Let us take the load off your own system!
Let Zaxas simplify your case preparation.  Call us today!

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