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Zaxas FAQ

    Zaxas FAQ

    What does Zaxas® do?
    Zaxas is our proprietary software application that maximizes the efficiency of medical analysis for us and streamlines the use of work products, reports and medical records for you.

    The Excelas staff uses Zaxas to organize and digitize your medical records, complete our medical analysis and post the final reports for your use.  Clients use Zaxas to view and sort their organized medical records, access their reports, efficiently obtain supporting documentation within the medical records and coordinate case preparation with remote team members. 

    Zaxas functions as an organizational tool, a document delivery system, a viewing and sorting tool, a method of coordination for your team, and much more.  For such a straightforward and easy to use application, it provides so much efficiency.  Read more about Zaxas and what it can do for you!
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    What are the benefits of using Zaxas?
    Zaxas provides several efficiencies to clients. 

    • Zaxas functions as a tool to present a fully organized and sortable electronic medical record for your case. 
    • It provides 24/7 online access to your records and reports. 
    • All your reports are cross-referenced with the medical record so you can easily find the supporting documentation you need at the click of a mouse. 
    • It is highly intuitive, so you can start using it from the moment you log in for the first time. 
    • Zaxas is included at no additional charge, so you can take advantage of all of its benefits while keeping your costs low.
    • Because records and reports are presented online, shipping time and costs are eliminated, and storage of large amounts of paper becomes unnecessary.
    • Zaxas can also run off of a CD for times when you don’t have internet access.
    Click here to read more about how Zaxas works for you.
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    How many people can view reports and records in Zaxas at one time?
    One of the features our clients find the most valuable is the ability for multiple people to view documents and record images simultaneously.  The number of individual users accessing your records and reports at the same time is unlimited.  So, your entire team can log in and view your work products at the same time, making strategy meetings and case preparation more efficient.
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    How many users can we give access to?
    We will provide unique user IDs and passwords to as many of your colleagues and counsel as you deem necessary. However, we advise clients to provide user permission only to those who need direct access—doing so protects you and Excelas from unauthorized use or potential HIPAA violations (e.g., meaningful use violations).
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    Can I use another person’s account to log in?
    We will provide each client as many user accounts as needed, but we ask that individual users not share their log-in information.  It should be kept confidential, because it grants access to all your Excelas products.  We also ask that you let Excelas know if a user account should be disabled (if, for example, that user has left your company/firm).
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    Are Zaxas work products viewable on devices other than PC?
    Yes.  Zaxas work products can be accessed from mobile devices, including tablets and smart phones.  At this time, access is optimized for PC or tablet.
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    How do I get started using Zaxas?
    Once you have sent us your first case, our Client Service team will offer you personal training on the software and provide you with your unique user ID and log-in information.  As soon as cases are completed, they will be posted to your online account.  You can also request a CD when the case is completed.
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    I’m not comfortable using the internet for confidential reports and records. Can I get my work products in any other format?
    Yes, Zaxas is also available in a CD version for local viewing and download.  You may also choose to receive your materials on paper.
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    How much does Zaxas cost? Are there licensing fees?
    Zaxas is provided to clients at no additional charge.  There are no usage or licensing fees.
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    Can we purchase Zaxas software for our own inter-office use?
    At this time, Zaxas is only available for use with Excelas work products.  It is not designed as a stand-alone product that can be used independently from Excelas processes and products.
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    Does Zaxas meet HIPAA compliance requirements?
    Zaxas is fully HIPAA compliant.

    All systems and data are stored in a facility that is physically secured with industry-standard measures, including key card entrance, bio-metric hand scanners, lockable cabinets and video camera surveillance.  The facility is staffed and monitored 24/7/365.

    Zaxas’ web-based client interface is also HIPAA compliant.  Our secure, high-assurance, 256-bit encryption SSL certificate ensures that your information is protected by the highest levels of Internet security. Authentication is handled by a custom provider and a custom credential store built into Zaxas.  User accounts are maintained by specialized individuals at Excelas. 

    All information posted is confidential and secure.
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    How do I know my case information, records and reports are safe from unauthorized use, fire, flood or other disasters?
    As required by HIPAA, Excelas has a contingency plan in place that includes data back-up, disaster recovery and emergency mode operation plans and procedures.  You records and reports are stored off-site in a facility that is physically secured with industry-standard measures, including key card entrance, bio-metric hand scanners, lockable cabinets and video camera surveillance.  The facility is staffed and monitored 24/7/365, to ensure the continual safety and security of all systems and data.
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    Who do I contact for technical support?
    If you experience a problem using Zaxas, please contact your Client Liaison.  He or she will log the issue, and coordinate a resolution with our in-house IT department.
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    What if I have questions or problems accessing our work products?
    If you need help accessing or understanding your work products, you may contact your Client Liaison at any time, or you may contact Josh Sherkel, Director, Health Information Management and Client Relations, directly at 440-462-5109.  Zaxas is so intuitive and user-friendly that we can have you up and running with just a brief phone call.
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