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Technology is an essential part of what Excelas, LLC offers to clients. You’ll want to take advantage of two of our technologies that streamline the case management process and provide the benefits of efficiency and security.

Medical technology


Zaxas is Excelas’ proprietary software. We developed this software for the organization and viewing of medical records and reports. Designed in direct collaboration with our clients, Zaxas is a critical element of The Excelas Process. Read more about how Zaxas can bring efficiency to your claims and litigation management process.


Before we can put Zaxas to work for you, we need to receive your records. Of course, we accept medical records through the mail or by freight carrier. But if you want us to receive them more quickly, we encourage clients to use ShareFile—a HIPAA-compliant file sharing website.

Simply upload your electronic records, and we’re instantly notified when they’ve been delivered. Our team can then access the records, and immediately begin The Excelas Process. Contact your client liaison for instructions on uploading files. It’s fast, easy and secure!


Excelas offers OCR search capabilities for your medical records.  Available through the client portal or in PDF form, find keywords in your records using exact match, partial match, or phrase search options.  Results are quick, and OCR capability can be added to any case—old or new—for a minimal charge.  To add OCR to a case, simply choose the “OCR” option in your Work Request.

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, allows users to search for keywords in scanned or photographed images of typed or printed text—images just like your medical records.  OCR technology processes the static images, identifying individual letters and other typographical elements and organizing them into meaningful words and sentences.  It is an advanced technology that essentially converts a static image of words back into dynamic, searchable text.  It does not alter your original documents; instead, it creates a behind-the-scenes database of the content of your documents that is searched for the words and phrases entered by users.  OCR preserves your original documents while adding new, efficiency-building functionality.




Zaxas®, our proprietary software and web application, was designed with your needs in mind.  The software was originally developed in direct  collaboration with clients—we listened to what you wanted and needed to increase your efficiency, and then we delivered it. 


Zaxas® FAQs

Find the answers to common questions about Excelas’ services and solutions. See more at: Zaxas® FAQs

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