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Record Organization

Lay the foundation for an effective record review


In order to tell the story of events as they happened, our health information specialists organize the patient record chronologically by episode or care setting. This approach has proven to be the best way to deliver highly efficient and effective medical analysis and results in a clear, ordered health history for each resident or patient.


Scanning and Digitizing

Once records are organized, they are scanned, if needed. Then they are electronically Bates labeled and uploaded to Zaxas®, our online document viewing system. Having the entire medical record available on our secure site provides you with 24/7 access for early preparation and planning. Online access also allows for coordination among the legal team. Records can be accessed and viewed simultaneously so you and your colleagues, no matter how remote, are literally on the same page for the duration of the case.



Through our identification process, we assess the completeness of each record and alert you and your team to any potential missing documentation as early as possible. This allows you to address any gaps and take action right away so that we can assemble your complete record without delay. 

During our organization process, we also check each page of your records for HIPAA compliance. Documentation belonging to other patients is removed or redacted, providing you with a clean record, free of errant information.  

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