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Provider of Care Report

An in-depth look at the caregivers who were most involved with the patient

Provider of care reports are one of Excelas, LLC’s most unique and cost-saving tools. The report provides a list of all documenting caregivers, cross-referenced with their entries in the medical record. Click on the hyperlinked Bates numbers in the report to immediately see the page of the medical record where the information is contained. 

This report can also be provided in a preliminary format, early in the review process. This initial provider of care report gives you a list of all documenting caregivers without the details contained in a full report. Still including the full functionality of Zaxas® cross-referencing, this preliminary report is perfect for identifying potential witnesses, prepping for interviews and depositions, or working on other case preparation prior to medical analysis.

Provider of care reports are customizable. We can adapt the report to your needs, focusing on specific time periods, types of content, amount of information included, or facility. Like everything else we do, you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

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Check out a sample of our Provider of Care Report:  PROVIDER OF CARE SAMPLE.pdf

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