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The healthcare and legal industries are in a constant state of change. When your team is faced with a challenge involving patient records or medical analysis, we can help. In addition to our standard services, we also offer the following to our clients.



When you have many cases needing attention, you need to know which ones to focus on first. With case triage, Excelas' medical legal analysts can quickly assess key medical issues. They can distinguish between cases that have significant findings and those with less merit, so you can prioritize your caseload appropriately. 


Perhaps you’ve received notification of a claim but were not informed of specific allegations. Or perhaps you received a request for medical records from a plaintiff firm or a governmental agency. Excelas’ medical legal analysts can provide an early and high level assessment of areas of potential liability or risk, so you can achieve clarity on the next actions to be taken.  



When you need to eliminate all identifying or privileged information from a medical record, Excelas can expertly redact the record to suit your needs. Whether you need to redact one record or many records, we have the tools to bring efficiency and responsiveness to your project.




From projects involving a single record to projects involving hundreds of patient records, no project is outside our capabilities or scope of services. We’ve been in this business for over a decade with 136 combined years of clinical experience and over 150 combined years of medical legal analysis experience, and we’ve done it all…with exceptional results for our clients. If you have a challenge, we have a solution, even if you don’t see it listed on this site. Call us today to learn how our current and developing services are a match for your special project.


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