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Medical Chronology

See the events as they happened with a detailed medical chronology

Excelas, LLC’s medical chronologies are detailed timelines of events that focus on the specific allegations, or highlight potential areas of liability.

Our medical chronologies give you a timeline of events surrounding the allegations. But, Excelas can also provide topic chronologies that focus on specific areas of concern. Our topic chronologies cover all topics common to care settings, such as skin integrity, nutrition, and safety. But, we can also create custom topic chronologies to meet your case’s specific circumstances.

Our medical chronologies provide efficiencies that are unmatched by others. Like all other Excelas reports, every piece of medical information is cross-referenced with the medical record. Click on the hyperlinked Bates numbers in the report to immediately see the page of the medical record where the information is contained.

As their name implies, medical chronologies are easy to read, easily scanned, putting all the relevant case information at your fingertips. Because our chronologies are database-driven documents, rather than typewritten documents, they are easily sorted by topic, provider, facility type—whatever format works best for your particular needs. Also because they are database-driven, our chronologies are easily appended if there is new information as the case progresses.

Check out a sample of our Medical Chronology:  MEDICAL CHRONOLOGY SAMPLE.pdf

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