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Care Calendar

Show the quantity of care provided over a critical time period

When you need to gather, quantify and present all documented medical and nursing services from across thousands of pages of records into one concise, visual presentation, the Excelas Care Calendar is the perfect tool. 

The Care Calendar provides a powerful visualization of all medical interactions with a patient in an easy-to-read format that is perfect for family conferences, mediations, or trial exhibits.  All instances of patient contact documented in the record are categorized and quantified for each day and displayed in a simple, visual summary on the calendar.  The Care Calendar, like all other Excelas products, is fully customizable to suit the needs of your case.  While all patient contact is categorized and quantified, the calendar will display the timeframe(s) and categories most crucial to your case.  Users can click on a particular day to instantly see a complete, detailed breakdown of each day’s care, including hyperlinks to the page of the medical record where the care was documented.

Other Benefits of the Excelas Care Calendar

  • Our Care Calendar revolutionizes the capture of information from your medical records.  Using our Zaxas technology, we eliminate the time-consuming tedium of creating a similar product manually.  Our system allows us to create the calendar at the click of a mouse, either as a stand-alone report or concurrently with the preparation of other work products. 

  • With our calendar, your physician experts’ and nurses’ valuable time and expertise can be better utilized by focusing on the medical care, instead of devoting hours to creating a visual summary. 

  • And, because this work product is so easy to create, there is no need to wait until trial to put it together.  Created early in your case preparation, the Care Calendar can be used to your advantage in risk assessment, strategy identification, preliminary family meetings, mediations, and more.

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