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Excelas, LLC offers services that make the claims and litigation management process smooth and efficient. From case summaries and medical chronologies to customized services that meet your unique needs, we have a solution for you. 

Electronic Record Retrieval

The perfect solution to expertly and efficiently respond to requests for one record or many records.


Record Organization

An efficient and orderly review starts with a complete and organized record. 

case review

Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment

A high-level preview of the contents of a medical record.

case summary

Case Summary

An overview of the entire medical record in a single, concise report.

Medical Chronology

Medical Chronology

A detailed timeline that focuses on the allegations or potential areas of liability, detailing specific issues across care settings.

Care providers

Provider of Care Report

A complete list of all documenting caregivers at the click of a mouse—perfect for identifying potential witnesses and prepping for interviews and depositions.

Touch Chart

Care Calendar

Gather, quantify and present all documented patient care from across thousands of pages of records into one concise, visual presentation. 

Regulatory Services

Regulatory Services

Services geared toward lessening the regulatory burden for our clients.


Other Services

Do you have a special or unusual project? If it has to do with medical records and review, we have a solution. No project is outside our capabilities or scope of services.

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