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Getting Started


Your success lies in a focused defense based on an unbiased, comprehensive, and detailed review of the patient record. But knowing what to focus on, or even where to begin, isn’t always easy.

Excelas helps you identify areas of potential liability, focus your defense, and support your legal team with efficiencies of time, cost, and information. We start by listening to your needs, understanding your objectives, and identifying the most appropriate services and reports to support your strategy. Think of us as your planning partner, working with you to find the best solutions to the challenges you face.



Excelas, LLC’s project strategy consulting will help you identify an approach and the specific services you need to effectively handle your cases. Whether you’re dealing with claims and litigation or you face a completely unique situation, if your challenge involves medical records and analysis, Excelas has a solution.

The services we provide to you are case-specific, tailored exactly to your situation so you get precisely what you need every time. At Excelas, there is no “standard” set of services; what you receive depends entirely on what your circumstances require.



While most of our clients come to us with claims and litigation work, our services can be tailored to support any project that involves medical records or analysis of the information they contain. We have solutions to help you investigate almost any topic affecting patients, residents, or care settings. No matter the issue and no matter your timeframe, we can help. Just give us a call to discuss your needs. 

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