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    How do I get started working with Excelas?
    Getting started with Excelas, LLC is easy—just give us a call. Once we know what your challenges are, we’ll work together to find the most effective solution. Then, send us your medical records, and we’ll take it from there. It really couldn’t be easier.
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    Does Excelas work with clients on other types of projects besides claims and lawsuits?
    If your project has to do with medical records and analysis, Excelas is the perfect choice. While most of our work involves claims and litigation management for long-term and acute care clients, we have also performed work in areas including compliance assessments and internal audits, as well as abstracts and reviews for insurance companies,disability cases, and more.
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    What if I have a case that has unique needs beyond those addressed by your current services?
    We have a strong suite of services available that we can tailor to any specific need you have. Beyond the services highlighted on our site, we also have new services in development right now that might be a perfect fit for your special project.  No matter what your needs are, we have a service or process available to meet them. And if not, we’ll create a custom solution specifically for you.  Really. We’ve done it before, and we take tremendous pride in being nimble and adaptable enough to create truly unique solutions for those most unusual circumstances.
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    What if I receive additional medical records after Excelas has already started, or completed, our case?
    We understand that discovery is an ongoing process. Our Zaxas® software allows for more records to be incorporated as they become available. Because we enter our information into Zaxas’ HIPAA compliant, secured database, we are able to append our reports, adding and incorporating new information with maximum efficiency.
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    Do I have to choose all of the work products at once?
    The short answer is no. We always recommend organizing the entire chart so you have the ability to see all of the information, and so our team of medical record specialists can identify any gaps in documentation that you may want to research. Beyond that, it’s up to you. Perhaps you only need the records organized,or a case summary or medical chronology for a specific time frame or issue. We can focus on what you need, when you need it; and if you require more information later, we can expand our scope as the case progresses.
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    How do I roll out Excelas to my defense firms?
    Once we have decided to do business together, rolling out our services to the law firms you work with is a breeze. Simply notify the firm(s) that we are going to be working together, provide us with a list of contacts, and we’ll do the rest. From record intake to staff training, if there’s something that they need, we’re here to deliver it. It’s our goal to provide your firms with the support they need to effectively defend your cases.
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    Will I have a project manager assigned to me?
    Your project is managed by a three-tiered team of client service personnel. The day-to-day aspects of your project are conducted by a dedicated client liaison, who is assigned to you at the beginning of your first case. Josh Sherkel, Director of Health Information Management and Client Relations, supervises the workflow of individual projects and oversees the maintenance of client relationships. He also manages the entire client service department,assigning projects as they arrive,  dedicating appropriate resources, and ensuring that projects remain on time and within budget. You may contact any member of your client service team at any time, by phone or email.
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