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Excelas Process

Clients are always impressed when working with us for the first time, and it’s not uncommon for them to ask us how we complete projects so quickly, so efficiently, and with such incredible quality. The answer lies in The Excelas Process—the step-by-step process that governs the management of every case that comes through the door. Learn more about our process by clicking on the video above, or read more below.


The Excelas Process has been developed through years of experience in this industry. Our process ensures that every case is given the same meticulous attention no matter how large or small it is, and regardless of its degree of urgency. You can always be certain that you’re getting the most complete, the most accurate, and the most focused analysis possible.

The thing our clients love most about our process is that it’s flexible. Perhaps you just want your records organized? If so, we can complete steps 1, 2, and 3 below. Or maybe you just want the records digitized and analyzed. That’s okay too! We will always adjust our process to suit the particular needs of your project.

Step 1 | Organize

When your records arrive, they are organized by our team of Medical Record Specialists. Organized by care provider and indexed by document type, your mountain of records begins to reveal a chronological story of events as they happened—a critical foundation for an efficient analysis.

Step 2 | Identify

After being organized, a credentialed health information manager assesses your record’s completeness. Our team knows what the record should contain and can identify any significant gaps in documentation. If gaps exist, you’ll know about it in this early phase, so you can take appropriate action.

Step 3 | Digitize

Once your record is organized and assessed for completeness, it’s digitized. The electronic record is scanned, automatically Bates stamped, and uploaded into Zaxas®, our proprietary document viewing system. You get immediate online access to the organized, searchable record, so you can begin your case preparation early.

Step 4 | Analyze

After it has been digitized, your record is sent to our team of Medical Legal Analysts for medical review. Whether you need a case summary, medical chronology, provider of care report or a combination of these, our analysts provide you with the concise and objective information your case requires.

Step 5 | Finalize

To ensure quality and consistency, all reports are reviewed by our team of Quality Review Specialists. Reports are checked for content, style, and grammatical and typographical errors. This step ensures that your reports are concise, objective, free of errors and distractions, so you get precisely what you need, no more and no less.

Step 6 | Distribute

The final step in our process is the delivery of your reports. Reports are shared through Zaxas, our online application, giving you 24/7 access to all your case materials. You can also choose to receive your materials on paper or on CD.

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