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Employee Testimonials

  • I love working at Excelas because our president “gets it.” She understands what’s important to her staff and makes it a priority to be sure we have the resources we need to succeed.
  • The collaboration at Excelas is awesome! The team approach to our work is unlike anywhere I have worked before.
  • What really makes Excelas stand out from other employers is the way the management team values employees. Our opinions are valued, and we have a voice in most decisions that affect us directly. Our expertise is respected, and we’re given the opportunity not just to succeed, but to excel.
  • I love the positive environment, honesty and integrity, and the ongoing positive communication across departments.
  • The success of the company is a tribute to Jean's unbelievable vision. She’s surrounded herself with a staff that shares her vision, and we’ve grown into an incredible team.
  • Excelas stands apart from other companies because it is a flexible workplace, and the people are great to work with! It is a pleasure to work with a wonderful group of people who share a common goal, commitment and sense of purpose.
  • At Excelas, employees are respected for the work they do.
  • The professionalism and team support are outstanding. Working remotely is never a concern, as our team stays well connected. Excelas is an innovative company with confidence in our quality. The company is staffed by intelligent employees who work together to provide quality work products for our clients and impact healthcare in a positive way.
  • My co-workers at Excelas are like family. We share many of the same beliefs and a common work ethic.
  • There’s tremendous respect for staff at Excelas—we’re given autonomy to perform our jobs. Micro-management is not part of the culture here, and that’s hard to find!
  • There is a strong commitment to excellence that makes us all work a little harder and take greater pride in what we do.The flexibility and teamwork across all departments is one of Excelas’ best features!
  • Excelas gives me the opportunity to work from home, but I know I am welcome to go into the office as often as necessary. I love working at Excelas because of the flexible work hours and independence. And it’s nice to have co-workers who are available and willing to help with questions or concerns.
  • Excelas offers a flexible schedule and the ability to work from home; and the company really cares about employees on an individual level.
  • The conscientious and respectful teams make Excelas a truly outstanding place to work.

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