Excelas LLC - Medical, Legal, Solutions

Medical expertise for healthcare defense:
claims, litigation, compliance


Our culture makes our workplace one of the most sought-after in our industry.

1. Focus on work-life balance

Our employees are most productive when they are able to balance their personal and professional obligations. Our commitment to flexibility in the workplace has made us a four-time winner of the When Work Works award.

2. Absolute commitment to total well being

There is more to each of us beyond our career.  That's why we take a holistic approach when caring for our employees, supporting the five elements of well-being

3. Employee involvement at all levels

Our employees actively participate in corporate policy making and lead teams that focus on wellness, outreach, employee education, training and development, recognition, and engagement.

4. Trust and autonomy

“Micro-management” is not in our vocabulary, and the fact that most of our employees work remotely is a testament to our philosophy. We hire individuals with integrity, for whom self-supervision, time management, and a passion for excellence are second nature. 


Our Core Values

Integrity: Do the right thing, for the right reasons.

Quality: Use knowledge and expertise to achieve the highest standards.

Flexibility: Meet changing needs by creating new solutions.

Accountability: Demonstrate personal responsibility.

Commitment: Do what you say you will do.

Collaboration: Work together to achieve shared goals.

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