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Medical expertise for healthcare defense:
claims, litigation, compliance


What keeps our clients coming back to use Excelas, case after case?

Responsiveness and Timeliness

Our fast turnaround times mean you get quick access to the most critical facts so you can start developing an informed legal strategy as soon as possible. 

Dedicated Resources 

Excelas' medical legal analysts are employees, not contractors. When they’re working on your case, they’re working on only your case, giving it their full attention. 

Expertise at Every Step

Your case is handled by professionals at every step in the process—from our credentialed health information specialists to our HIPAA-trained client liaisons and team of highly qualified medical legal analysts. 

Knowledge and Understanding

We stay current with trends in our industry and the industries we serve so that we have an in-depth understanding of the issues you’re facing. We use the information we learn to develop new services and technologies that will meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Customization and Cost Efficiency

Our expertise and flexibility lets work in partnership with our clients to find solutions to any challenge involving medical record organization, review, and analysis. Don’t need a full case work-up? We can help you keep costs under control while still providing the critical information you need.

Passion for a Greater Purpose

Working strictly for the defense in healthcare cases, the Excelas team is inspired by the broader reach of our work—to positively impact how healthcare is delivered. 


Excelas is fully flexible to the needs of clients—in how we receive your records, how we deliver your reports, how reports are focused and what kinds of information they contain. 

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