Case Summary

Comprehensive analysis, concise delivery

Our case summary provides a clear, objective overview of the entire medical record. This narrative overview outlines the key points within the medical history, encompassing all internal and external care providers and care settings. This report provides a roster of key healthcare providers, alerts you to any missing documents that appear critical to the case, and provides an objective assessment of whether standards of care were met.

Case summary reports are an efficient way to see an entire case and all its supporting documentation. While the analysis is comprehensive in scope, the report itself is concise, objectively presenting only the relevant facts of the case in a narrative format. For your convenience, every piece of medical information is cross-referenced with the medical record. Click on the hyperlinked Bates numbers in the report to immediately see the page of the medical record where the information is contained. No more shuffling through paper reports to find the original documentation. Now that’s efficiency!

Check out a sample of our Case Summary:  CASE SUMMARY SAMPLE.pdf

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