Each project is unique. Sometimes you require a full suite of services, and other times, only one service—or a customized approach—is needed. Below are some examples of how clients have worked with Excelas, LLC to achieve their objectives.  No matter your project, we have a solution that fits.

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When clients need to conduct a series of interviews or depositions, preparation can become labor-intensive. Instead of having to shuffle through paper records, manually flagging all the places where specific caregivers documented in the record, let Excelas provide a concise, organized Provider of Care report. We can efficiently produce a list of all documenting authors, featuring hyperlinks to their entries in the record. Our clients have used this report to save time and resources in their case preparation by replacing paper-shuffling with the point-and-click of a mouse. With a Provider of Care report and the power of Zaxas® technology, you have instant access to any caregiver’s documentation right when you need it.


A defense firm engaged Excelas to complete a record organization, case summary and medical chronology for a case alleging neglect. Fully prepared to answer the allegations filed, the firm was thrown a curve ball when the plaintiff changed tactics at trial: the focus of the case shifted to nutrition and a fall, without warning. Working with Excelas, the firm was fully prepared to answer the new allegations immediately, relying on the incredible efficiencies built into our Zaxas® technology. When our analysts build medical chronologies in Zaxas, our software provides the functionality to extract individual topic chronologies for common areas of risk, such as nutrition, skin integrity, patient compliance and safety. Using this functionality, our client was able to extract all the information needed to answer the new allegations efficiently and effectively—all at the click of a mouse.


In long-term care litigation, the case that begins with a clinical issue often ends up being a case about the quality of documentation in the medical record. A piece of missing information related to the allegations can make or break a case, and we understand that. Many clients have relied on our exceptionally qualified staff to identify gaps in documentation that were crucial to their cases. When records are organized, our credentialed health information managers assess the record’s completeness—any significant gaps in documentation are noted so clients can acquire and research any missing records during early case preparation. Once the record is in analysis, our medical legal analysts put a critical eye to every detail relevant to the allegations or other areas of potential risk. When they identify missing entries or details, they are flagged so you may follow-up appropriately. Our qualified staff, combined with The Excelas Process, work with you to be sure your case has the most solid and complete foundation possible.


One of our clients wanted to be able to illustrate in a visual, calendar-like format the frequency of care a resident received during a defined period of time. Beginning with the medical record Excelas had already organized, our team was able to effortlessly isolate the time period in question and identify all the care interactions the resident received, including all assistance with ADLs, meals, therapies, activities, etc. Once the interactions were identified, Excelas created a Care Calendar, classifying and quantifying all the occurrences of provider-to-resident contact for each day of the time period. Our custom solution gave the client exactly what they needed—a visual description of the degree of care provided—and our Zaxas® technology provided us the efficiency to meet their tight deadline.

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