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9/16 2016

How Coding Verification Audits Can Improve Outcomes
Excelas is a big proponent of performing proactive internal audits of processes and procedures to ensure compliance with corporate or regulatory standards. But sometimes, it’s not until an external audit returns unexpected results that an inward examination begins. Such was the case when Excelas was approached by a hospital client to help them understand the results of two recently completed coding audits.

7/29 2014

How to Evaluate the Use of General Inpatient Care
GIP is an active focus area for regulatory auditors. Many hospice providers are proactively using internal audit to assess how appropriately GIP is being used and documented in their facilities. Excelas can help you efficiently and objectively perform your audits, providing the insight you need to be confident in your billings.

4/11 2013

How to Defend 15 Lawsuits in 7 Days
An Excelas client, a nursing home, is not unlike thousands of others. Daily, they do their best to provide dignified care that serves the needs and enhances the quality of life of their residents.

4/11 2013

How to Answer Allegations that Turn on a Dime
An Excelas client, a busy law firm, spent months prepping their case for trial. But when the parties met in court, everything changed on a dime. Learn how the defense answered changing allegations at the click of a mouse.

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