Excelas’ success is the direct result of the powerful advantages clients receive when partnering with us. These advantages keep our clients coming back to us, case after case. Experience the advantages for yourself!

Excelas advantages clients 

Responsiveness and Timeliness

With Excelas, you get a complete, accurate and objective view of the case early in the claim or litigation process. Our hallmark responsiveness to your needs and deadlines allows us to present you with precisely what you need, right when you need it. Our focused reports give you the insight you need to identify the most appropriate defense strategy and the materials to establish the foundation for preparing your case.

Dedicated Resources

Excelas' medical legal analysts are employees, not contractors. So, you know when they’re working on your case, they’re working on only your case. They give full attention to your needs and to the relevant facts, which means your reports are the most complete, the most accurate, and the most focused.

Expertise at Every Step

Your case is handled by professionals at every step in the process—from our team of credentialed health information specialists, to our HIPAA-trained client liaisons, and our team of highly qualified medical legal analysts. Your project is handled with exceptional skill and care from the moment we receive it until the time your case has been resolved.

Knowledge and Understanding

At Excelas, we pride ourselves on staying current with trends in our industry and the industries we serve. We are active in the same professional communities as our clients, so we have an in-depth understanding of the issues you’re facing. And we’re always developing new services and technologies to meet your changing needs.


We can support you, no matter how unique the requirements of your project are. If it has to do with medical records and review, we have a solution. Give us a call to discuss your special projects and how our customized solutions can perfectly address your needs.

Passion for a Greater Purpose

Working strictly for the defense in healthcare cases, the Excelas team is inspired by the broader reach of our work—to positively impact how healthcare is delivered. Our corporate client's goal is to provide the best care for their residents and patients, and we are driven to help them succeed. We constantly work to support this mission by giving you the tools you need to efficiently and effectively defend cases, so costs will be kept down and resources focused on patient care.

Cost-efficiencies to Boost Your Bottom Line

Choosing Excelas results in efficiency on many levels. Our clients reduce expenses with our customized services: Don’t need a full case work-up? Our focused reviews and customized solutions keep costs under control while still providing the critical information you need.

Our legal partners can more effectively use their human resources. There's no need to staff up or down as your case load changes—we're here to supplement your staff whenever you need it. We handle the medical details, so your staff can focus on strategic case preparation.

With the suite of services offered by Excelas, you consistently receive great value for your investment. There simply isn’t a better option when it comes to medical review and analysis.


Excelas is fully flexible to the needs of clients—in how we receive your records, how we deliver your reports, how reports are focused and what kinds of information they contain. We work with you, always; meeting you where you are and providing exactly what you need.

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