At Excelas, we work exclusively for the defense in long-term and acute care claims and litigation. We recognize that it is absolutely essential for our clients to translate the mountain of medical information surrounding a claim into a concise and objective story, relaying only the most relevant facts. Excelas, LLC’s medical analysis is an efficient and cost-effective way to discover the factual story surrounding a claim, so you have the focus you need to identify an appropriate defense strategy.

About Excelas


We’re often asked, “Why just the defense?” The answer is at the foundation of our company.

Excelas president Jean Bourgeois launched her business with an important mission in mind. She sought to build a company that could play a vital role in keeping healthcare organizations’ resources invested where they belong—in patient care.

By working on behalf of healthcare providers, we support the larger mission of our clients by bringing added efficiency and value to the medical review process. We help you keep costs down and, over time, keep resources invested in what matters most.

As an industry leader, our team is inspired by the broader reach of our work—to positively impact how healthcare is delivered. This is the passion that compels the Excelas team to consistently exceed expectations, develop innovative solutions and deliver the most completely responsive service model in the industry.


Launched in 2005, Excelas, LLC has grown quickly. We have forged a well-respected reputation for providing precise, objective, timely and fully-customized medical analysis that helps clients achieve their legal objectives.

Our growth has been swift. Excelas began as a team of one in 2005. Since then, our lightning-fast growth and expanding staff prompted a move into formal office space in 2008, an expansion of that office space in 2010, and a move to a completely new space in 2013. 

We are proud to have been recognized as one of Northeast Ohio’s fastest-growing companies, being named to the Weatherhead 100 in 2012, 2013, and 2014. And, for four consecutive years, Excelas has been recognized as one of our region’s Best Places to Work, being named to the Northcoast 99 in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  Excelas has been recognized for exceptional workplace policies with the 2014 When Work Works Award and has been named one of Ohio's Best Employers for 2015.  

We’re proud of our accomplishments, but our primary focus is always on client needs. In fact, our success is born out of collaboration with our clients. Your input and suggestions have shaped—and continue to shape—some of the most essential aspects of our company. The reports we produce, the software we’ve developed, and the types of services we provide are all influenced by our partnership with clients.

Our client-centric business model is precisely why we succeed, and it’s the reason our clients choose to build long-lasting relationships with Excelas. Your work is critical and timely, and it demands integrity. You need absolute reliability from your service providers. We will be here for you, whenever you need us, at a moment’s notice.

The Excelas Promise

We promise:  
  • Uncompromising quality  
  • Superior responsiveness
  • Timeliness
  • Unsurpassed depth of expertise
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Sensitivity to your needs

We deliver customized solutions for every case—exactly what is needed, nothing less than the perfect solution to help our clients get back to the business of providing care.

We take our promises to heart: if we say it, we will deliver it. Always.


Excelas Core Values

Integrity:  Do the right thing, for the right reasons.

Quality:  Use knowledge and expertise to achieve the highest standards.

Flexibility:  Meet changing needs by creating new solutions.

Accountability:  Demonstrate personal responsibility.

Commitment:  Do what we say we will do.

Collaboration:  Work together to achieve shared goals.




What do our clients gain when they choose to work with us?  It's more than just the concise medical information we provide. Experience the advantages for yourself!


HIPAA Compliance

Being entrusted with your resident or patient medical records, we make compliance with HIPAA regulations our first priority. Learn more about HIPAA compliance at Excelas. 



Excelas provides medical legal solutions to clients across the country.  Read what they’re saying about us.



Excelas is doing great things—for clients, for our industry, for employees and for our local community. See what we’ve been up to!

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